Business Opportunities

By using the revolutionary technological electronic control circuit, our circuit breakers are with simple construction, multiple functions, compact size and high performance. Yet, our innovative design has reduced the manufacturing cost which enables the licensees, manufacturers, sales agents, distributors, and retailers to be able to maintain high profit margins with extremely competitive retail prices.

Apart from costing less with more functionalities and higher performance, our circuit breakers are also compatible to the current products on market. All these great features made them the best choice for new installation and for replacing aged / damaged units.

In most countries, it is enforced by law that circuit breaker must be installed for safety protection. Having a reliable circuit breaker is crucial to lead to a safe environment in the work place or everyday life. It is not difficult to picture the market size for this global demand. At this moment, there are hundreds of large circuit breaker manufacturers worldwide. Yet, compare with the other circuit breakers, our products are simply cheaper, smaller, better and protected by the 20-year invention patent. With all these competitive advantages, it is not difficult to imagine the commerical value and the market size for our new generation circuit breakers.

We understand that the market is too large for anyone to cope with single hand. We, therefore, are prepared to share this Golden Business Opportunites with appropriate business associates to further develop, promote and market our circuit breakers so that more people can be benefited and protected.

Whether you would like to obtain the license from us to develop/manufacture/market our circuits breakers, to use our Brand Name or your own, or simply become our sales agent, are equally welcome. Any business proposal will be carefully evaluated and considered. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details and enquiries for this golden opportunity in exploring the great potential for this worldwide market.


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