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The Next Generation Circuit Breaker

Whenever there is electricity, there has to be on/off switches and various types of protective devices/circuit breakers for protection against electrical hazards.

The conventional devices are designed to handle one or two protection only. Several circuit breakers are required in order to have a complete protection coverage which is bulky and expensive.

It was our goal to develop a circuit breaker that has got all the safety protections, yet compact and affordable. After years of research and development, a revoluntionary technological control circuit, to monitor and detect the current conditions in the electrical circuit, has been invented and patented worldwide.

By utilizing this computer control monitoring system, our circuit breaker is able to detect any abnormal conditions such as:-

*Short circuit
*Earth leakage (ground fault),
*Over voltage
*Phase failure
*Phase voltage unbalance
*Loss of power

It will immediately trip (cut off power supply) when any of the above conditions occurs for a total safety protection. Furthermore, thanks to the technological break through, its protection functions, especially earth leakage (ground fault) protection, are several times more superior to conventional devices. For example, the sensitivity of earth leakage (ground fault) of our device is as high as 3 mA, yet it is still highly resistant to nuisance tripping and noise interference. This provides direct protection against electrical shock/eletrocution.

What's more is that the size and the price of our device is only 1/6 of what is available on the market.

This is truly an all in one, safety-assured, ultra-sensitive, compacct and low price circuit breaker.

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